Magnetic recording head refurbishment service

Magnetic recording heads refurbishment serviceIn addition to ICT's customer specified scanner head capability, a digital magnetic head repair, refurbishment and replacement service is available which can offer new heads or offer a head refurbishment service to the original equipment manufacturer's specification. Typical examples are:

Exabyte 8200
Exabyte 8500
DAT 4mm and 8mm
Sony SP

ICT is acknowledged as a major player in supporting the O.E.M. and independant drive markets for 1/4 inch Cartridge and 1/2 inch Reel-to-Reel magnetic tape computer peripherals.

On receipt of products at ICT an established and proven format of activity is initiated to determine disposition between Repair or Replacement and our service ensures that all products submitted to ICT are returned to the customer, repaired or replaced, in a fully operational state.


Repair service

Depending on condition, each head will receive either Standard or Major service operations. A standard service could include reprofiling tape contact surfaces, wiring repairs, etc. Major service could involve dissembly of the head to effect track repairs, magnetic gap renewal, etc. On completion of repairs, all magnetic recording heads are submitted to stringent inspection procedures, culminating in re-certification of quality and performance.



Replacement service

Magnetic recording heads that are deemed to be beyond economic repair can be replaced with new products. These are supplied with full guarantees of quality and performance. A comprehensive inventory of popular types is maintained by ICT, often enabling next day delivery to minimise costly 'down time'.


Availability - 1/4 inch Cartridge Drive Heads

Typical of the OEM's whose products can be supported by ICT’s replacement Service are:

  • Tandberg (330, 3600)
  • Cipher Data (540)
  • Archive (Sidewinder, Scorpion, Viper) 9 Wangtek (5099, 51 25,5150)


Availability - 1/2 inch Reel-to-Reel Drive Heads

Representative of those O.E.M's whose drives can be serviced by ICT’s Replacement Service are:

  • Pertec (FS1000/2000, P000/8000, TU77/78/81)
  • Kennedy (9100/9300/9400/9610)
  • Cipher Data (f880, M890)
  • CPI (Keystone)
  • M4 Data (9903)


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